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Drug charges escalate to murder accusation

Like much of the nation, Georgia is embroiled in a drug crisis. As the numbers of overdose deaths continue to rise, law enforcement is attempting to tighten the noose on the individuals they suspect are selling the dangerous drugs. Recently, a man accused of selling heroin is facing not only drug charges, but murder. 

Law enforcement is making an attempt to cut off the supply of illegal drugs by going after the people they suspect are selling the drugs. One Georgia man allegedly sold heroin to a person who had a documented history of substance abuse. The man died, and authorities determined that the heroin he ingested was laced with other substances that increased the chances for an overdose death.

NFL owner under fire amid domestic violence defense for player

The state of Georgia, along with the rest of the nation, takes a hard stance against violent crimes. Domestic violence is an ongoing problem in the United States, and many victims need resources and assistance. However, sometimes the reaction of law enforcement, friends and family, or an employer, can be a bit overzealous toward the person accused of abuse. Recently, the owner of an NFL team has been criticized for doing the opposite. 

The man that owns the Chiefs franchise has been called to task for mishandling situations in which players on his team have been accused of domestic violence. In situations where a person with some level of fame or celebrity, such as a professional sports player, has been accused of domestic violence, the public outcry often begins before the facts of the case are known. If people believe a false allegation, the accused may suffer personal or professional repercussions unfairly. 

Mom offers relatable traffic ticket defense

Gwinnett County, Georgia, parents know all too well that, when a small voice in the back seat says, "I gotta go!," you've gotta go. Potty training a young child can be a stressful milestone, and an "accident" while parent and child are out and about can throw off the whole day. Recently, one mother did her best to avoid having a discouraged, soggy child but wound up with a pretty solid traffic ticket defense

The young mother, pregnant with a second child, was driving along when she heard her young son declare the need for an immediate potty break. The pleas from the back seat grew more desperate as the child struggled to avoid an accident. The mother pulled into a gas station with a public restroom, but the pair never made it inside. 

Should there be a domestic violence database?

Understandably, violent crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement in Gwinnett County and throughout Georgia. Flipping through the local police log often provides snippets of the crimes residents are accused of, such as theft, drugs, or domestic violence. Many times, the public is never given an update, and may have a difficult time finding out if an accused person was ever convicted in criminal court. 

There has been an idea circulating among victims of domestic violence and advocates on their behalf to establish a nationwide database of convicted domestic abusers. The idea is that if a person has a record of committing violence against others, it would be easy for others to be made aware of the potential danger. Similar databases already exist for other sorts of crime, like animal cruelty. 

What are father’s rights in child custody matters?

In eras past, fathers entered into divorce proceedings with certainty that they will gain custody of their children. Years later, fathers entered into divorce proceedings knowing that child custody often went to mothers.

Today, Georgia judges determine child custody with the child’s best interests in mind. Both fathers and mothers have equal chance to gain primary physical and legal custody.

Television personality involved in domestic violence report

Georgia residents might be familiar with "Mama June" Shannon, who rose to reality tv fame alongside her daughter Alana, child pageant star. Though Alana is long past the toddler beauty pageant phase, fans were able to follow the family on several spinoff shows, centered around the fun-loving brood, with matriarch Shannon at the helm. Recently, Shannon and her boyfriend found themselves facing serious charges after a report regarding domestic violence brought police to the family home. 

The trouble began when an unknown party reported that Shannon's boyfriend had allegedly committed an act of domestic violence. When police made contact with the couple at Shannon's residence, both she and her boyfriend were arrested on drug charges. This came as a shock to fans and producers alike, as a third season of Shannon's show was being filmed, and by all accounts, the couple was headed toward marital bliss. 

Legal defense against felony charges may reveal new details

Being charged with a felony in the state of Georgia can certainly be stressful. When a person is accused of a serious crime, he or she may feel overwhelmed when facing an uncertain legal future. In many cases, the key to success for an individual accused may be the presentation of a legal defense against felony charges

Recently, a Georgia man found himself facing serious charges, but the details of the case remain largely unclear. His troubles began when local authorities investigated several brush fires that did not cause any damage to persons or property, but apparently had the potential to do so if not extinguished. Investigators brought hounds to sniff boot prints found at the scene of two fires, and the dogs sniffed their way to the suspect's residence. 

Bringing awareness to domestic violence at local level

When Georgia residents think of violent crime, they may think each case is pretty cut and dried. In cases of domestic violence, a community may be quick to judge the person accused. While certainly, in some cases a serious crime has been committed, there are also plenty of examples when allegations against a supposed aggressor turn out to untrue. 

Recently, students and representatives from a Georgia town decided to put together a charity walk supporting victims of domestic violence. However, the event has more than one purpose. The organizers of the event aim to bring awareness to the facts about domestic violence, and help educate the public. 

Suspected drunk driving accident takes Georgia teenager's life

It is no secret that Georgia roadways can be highly dangerous, especially in traffic-laden areas or when a negligent or reckless driver is behind the wheel. A grandmother of a teenage boy knows this all too well, as she grieves the sudden, unexpected loss of her grandson's life in a suspected drunk driving accident. She recently spoke about her grandson and how much she will miss him.

The incident took place on a recent Sunday night. A 21-year-old woman was deemed responsible for the young man's death. Police say they believe she struck and killed him, then wound up in a collision at a nearby intersection soon after. Her blood alcohol content level was reportedly more than double the legal limit.

What happens when you’re facing a marijuana charge in Georgia?

Marijuana laws are evolving. Pot is legal in Canada and has been decriminalized in many states. About half the U.S. allows medical marijuana, but it is illegal under federal law, which supersedes state laws if the feds choose to enforce them.

Georgia is one of the few states where medical marijuana is legal but the cultivation and distribution of marijuana is not. Meanwhile, the city of Savannah changed marijuana punishment so that a person found with less than one ounce will face a $150 fine.

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