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High numbers of drunk driving tickets issued in recent weeks

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and many Georgia residents like to do so with a favorite alcoholic beverage. Many major brands ramp up advertising efforts during the holiday season with commercials that feature familiar Christmas carols, characters from nostalgic cartoons, football fans, and scenes of family and friends gathered by a cozy fire. During the holidays, alcohol sales traditionally spike because many shoppers like to give a favorite spirit as a gift. One thing that may put a damper on a person's festive fun is being accused of drunk driving.

By law, the legal BAC, short for blood alcohol content, is 0.08 for drivers over 21 years of age. For drivers under 21, the limit drops to 0.02. The penalty for a first offense is up to a year in jail. 

Teach your teen about reckless driving

You are a proud parent of a teenager. You remember the day you brought your baby home from the hospital. You watched that baby grow into a toddler that crawled and then walked. Now, that baby is about to turn 16. With this special birthday comes the opportunity for your teen to get their driver’s license.

You are excited for this opportunity, but you also worry. Stories about distracted and reckless teen drivers come up in the news often. You’ve chatted with your child about distracted driving, but it would be beneficial to explain reckless driving to them as well.

Domestic violence defense attorneys can help those accused

Domestic violence is a growing concern in Georgia and across the country. Communities are often shocked when one of their neighbors claims to be the victim of a violent crime. Though domestic violence can affect people of any demographic, sometimes such accusations turn out to be false or exaggerated. Those accused have every right to enlist the aid of domestic violence defense attorneys.

Law enforcement takes reports of domestic violence very seriously. Recently, a woman, reportedly unharmed, ran to a neighbor's house to call 911. She claimed that she had been arguing with a man in her home, and that he had fired a weapon during the situation. 

Felony charges filed against preteen after incident in mall

Gwinnett County residents may know that facing criminal charges in Georgia can be a stressful experience. During an arrest, the behavior of a suspect may influence the legal outcome for the person accused. Even for adults, it can be difficult to determine how to react when law enforcement makes contact to accuse someone of a crime. Recently, a 12-year-old boy found himself facing a situation that resulted in felony charges after an incident at a local mall. 

The boy had achieved a level of fame as a young musician, even appearing on a popular television show to showcase his talents. In an attempt to begin a career in the music industry, the boy, with the help of family members, attempted to make and sell his own CDs. He was reportedly warned he was not allowed to sell them inside a local mall. 

Addiction a sad element in many cases involving drug charges

Georgia is on the front lines of a nationwide drug addiction epidemic. Many people have friends or family members that have struggled with addiction. While the medical field now considers drug addiction a disease that requires treatment, the possession, use and/or sale of drugs is still a crime. Being accused of any of these actions usually creates the need for a criminal defense, particularly since convictions for drug charges can result in serious legal consequences. 

Recently, a man was accused of failing to pay his taxi fare. Police received a complaint from the cab driver, and soon made contact with the suspect. They searched his belongings, and found what they believed to be a pipe with residue from illegal narcotics in his backpack. 

Drunk driving legal defense attorneys can help people accused

Georgia drivers likely know that driving while intoxicated is a serious accusation. People who get pulled over under suspicion of drinking and driving may try to avoid admitting they are under the influence. Some drivers, however, do the right thing and cooperate with officers. Even when people admit they have broken the law with regards to drinking and driving, drunk driving legal defense attorneys can still strive to mitigate the potential consequences their clients may face. 

Recently, a Georgia driver was stopped by officers after driving erratically. He admitted to the officers that he had been drinking. The man was described as remorseful and did not even want to try a field sobriety test. 

What makes assault or battery a felony in Georgia?

You are facing felony charges of assault and battery, and you feel overwhelmed by frightening, complex criminal justice system. If you are convicted of your charges, the state will consider you a felon.

You never intended for your situation to get so out of control, and the thought of becoming a convicted felon horrifies you. You may be wondering what makes some assault and battery charges cross the line from misdemeanors to felonies.

Are tickets more expensive the faster you speed?

Sometimes, you do not realize that you have been speeding until you pass a cop on the side of the road and they pull up behind you. Depending on how fast you were going, the fine may be extensive.

It is important to note that the reason for such high fines is that speeding can be dangerous. The NHTSA reports that over 10,000 individuals were killed in accidents related to speeding.

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