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Legal defense against felony charges may reveal new details

Being charged with a felony in the state of Georgia can certainly be stressful. When a person is accused of a serious crime, he or she may feel overwhelmed when facing an uncertain legal future. In many cases, the key to success for an individual accused may be the presentation of a legal defense against felony charges

Recently, a Georgia man found himself facing serious charges, but the details of the case remain largely unclear. His troubles began when local authorities investigated several brush fires that did not cause any damage to persons or property, but apparently had the potential to do so if not extinguished. Investigators brought hounds to sniff boot prints found at the scene of two fires, and the dogs sniffed their way to the suspect's residence. 

Bringing awareness to domestic violence at local level

When Georgia residents think of violent crime, they may think each case is pretty cut and dried. In cases of domestic violence, a community may be quick to judge the person accused. While certainly, in some cases a serious crime has been committed, there are also plenty of examples when allegations against a supposed aggressor turn out to untrue. 

Recently, students and representatives from a Georgia town decided to put together a charity walk supporting victims of domestic violence. However, the event has more than one purpose. The organizers of the event aim to bring awareness to the facts about domestic violence, and help educate the public. 

Suspected drunk driving accident takes Georgia teenager's life

It is no secret that Georgia roadways can be highly dangerous, especially in traffic-laden areas or when a negligent or reckless driver is behind the wheel. A grandmother of a teenage boy knows this all too well, as she grieves the sudden, unexpected loss of her grandson's life in a suspected drunk driving accident. She recently spoke about her grandson and how much she will miss him.

The incident took place on a recent Sunday night. A 21-year-old woman was deemed responsible for the young man's death. Police say they believe she struck and killed him, then wound up in a collision at a nearby intersection soon after. Her blood alcohol content level was reportedly more than double the legal limit.

What happens when you’re facing a marijuana charge in Georgia?

Marijuana laws are evolving. Pot is legal in Canada and has been decriminalized in many states. About half the U.S. allows medical marijuana, but it is illegal under federal law, which supersedes state laws if the feds choose to enforce them.

Georgia is one of the few states where medical marijuana is legal but the cultivation and distribution of marijuana is not. Meanwhile, the city of Savannah changed marijuana punishment so that a person found with less than one ounce will face a $150 fine.

Suspects blasted on social media may face drug charges

Many Georgia residents use some form of social media. What began as a way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones has evolved into a platform for up-to-the-minute news. Many law enforcement entities have their own social media pages, but some of the posts may hurt innocent people. Recently, people arrested for various drug charges are likely in the midst of preparing to defend against the formal accusations.

A Georgia police department arrested over a dozen people on drug charges. The police did not suggest that any of the arrests were related to the others. They posted pictures of all those accused, with a brief description of the allegations, on the department's Facebook page. 

R&B artist gears up for domestic violence defense

Georgia residents may be familiar with the R&B artist R. Kelly. The musician rose to fame after decades of successful albums, even providing songs for several feature films. No stranger to the limelight, R. Kelly is surely used to being the subject of controversy. Unfortunately, he now finds himself in a position where he must present a domestic violence defense. 

Recently, a documentary featuring the artist aired on television. Throughout the documentary, accusations were made that he abuses the women who often reside in his homes. Families of the alleged victims tearfully accused Kelly of "brainwashing" the ladies so they would not attempt to leave a supposedly abusive environment. 

Man prepares for legal defense against felony charges

A Georgia man who says he did his best to help an elderly neighbor now finds himself in a serious legal situation. By all accounts, the elderly man often relied on his younger neighbor to assist him with various tasks and errands. Unfortunately, the man's close relationship with the elderly gentleman has put him in a position to prepare a legal defense against felony charges

The trouble began when the elderly man's bank alerted authorities to a list of online charges that seemed suspicious. After some investigation, it was quickly determined that the elderly man had not made the charges, nor was he aware that thousands of dollars had been spent without his authorization. When family members were asked for any clues that may lead police to an arrest, the younger Georgia man was quickly accused, due to his close relationship with the elderly gentleman, who by all accounts trusted the young man to help him. 

Rapper prepares legal defense against felony charges

Gwinnett County, Georgia, residents are by now aware that the state boasts an ever-growing music community. The "hip-hop capitol of the south" had become a favorite stop for many touring artists and has even become the venue for awards shows for the popular genre. Law enforcement has been known to target persons connected to the music industry, and a recent incident leaves one famous rapper preparing to present a legal defense against felony charges.

Several weeks ago, famed artist Ty Dolla $ign was riding in a limousine with several other big name musicians to support a fellow artist at a live show. The vehicle was stopped by police who, for unknown reasons, decided to search the vehicle. They allegedly found drugs. 

High numbers of drunk driving tickets issued in recent weeks

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and many Georgia residents like to do so with a favorite alcoholic beverage. Many major brands ramp up advertising efforts during the holiday season with commercials that feature familiar Christmas carols, characters from nostalgic cartoons, football fans, and scenes of family and friends gathered by a cozy fire. During the holidays, alcohol sales traditionally spike because many shoppers like to give a favorite spirit as a gift. One thing that may put a damper on a person's festive fun is being accused of drunk driving.

By law, the legal BAC, short for blood alcohol content, is 0.08 for drivers over 21 years of age. For drivers under 21, the limit drops to 0.02. The penalty for a first offense is up to a year in jail. 

Teach your teen about reckless driving

You are a proud parent of a teenager. You remember the day you brought your baby home from the hospital. You watched that baby grow into a toddler that crawled and then walked. Now, that baby is about to turn 16. With this special birthday comes the opportunity for your teen to get their driver’s license.

You are excited for this opportunity, but you also worry. Stories about distracted and reckless teen drivers come up in the news often. You’ve chatted with your child about distracted driving, but it would be beneficial to explain reckless driving to them as well.

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