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Addiction a sad element in many cases involving drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Georgia is on the front lines of a nationwide drug addiction epidemic. Many people have friends or family members that have struggled with addiction. While the medical field now considers drug addiction a disease that requires treatment, the possession, use and/or sale of drugs is still a crime. Being accused of any of these actions usually creates the need for a criminal defense, particularly since convictions for drug charges can result in serious legal consequences. 

Recently, a man was accused of failing to pay his taxi fare. Police received a complaint from the cab driver, and soon made contact with the suspect. They searched his belongings, and found what they believed to be a pipe with residue from illegal narcotics in his backpack. 

Though law enforcement officials did not claim to have found any further evidence of drugs, the man was arrested. He was taken to jail and is being held without bond. The incident also resulted in a claim that he violated his probation. It is currently unknown whether he will be charged for failing to pay cab fare, the initial cause of the police contact. 

When a Georgia defendant needs help explaining one’s struggle with drug addiction to a court, it may be advisable to seek an attorney experienced in handling cases involving drug charges. An attorney can help an accused person present a compelling defense in a way that will hopefully garner a favorable outcome. In some cases, help may also be available should addiction be at the root of the accused’s problems. An accusation in and of itself does not constitute proof of guilt. Often, there is more to the story than what is first reported in the news media.