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Drunk driving legal defense attorneys can help people accused

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Georgia drivers likely know that driving while intoxicated is a serious accusation. People who get pulled over under suspicion of drinking and driving may try to avoid admitting they are under the influence. Some drivers, however, do the right thing and cooperate with officers. Even when people admit they have broken the law with regards to drinking and driving, drunk driving legal defense attorneys can still strive to mitigate the potential consequences their clients may face. 

Recently, a Georgia driver was stopped by officers after driving erratically. He admitted to the officers that he had been drinking. The man was described as remorseful and did not even want to try a field sobriety test. 

When people have been drinking, they do not always make rational decisions. Alcohol affects everyone differently, and without taking a field sobriety test, it may be difficult to determine if a driver is in fact over the legal limit. Officers admit that the man was deeply upset, and his emotions may have played a role in his inability to complete and understand the test. 

Most drivers do not want to cause any trouble, but they may not understand that they can be compliant and still dispute an accusation. In this case, the driver was arrested and later released on bond. According to reports, no one was hurt, and there was no major damage. The driver has been charged with failure to maintain a lane and a few other charges. 

Drunk driving legal defense attorneys are available to help drivers accused of operating a vehicle under the influence. An attorney can help a defendant explain his or her actions in a court of law. If a driver has done everything he or she can to comply with police and avoid causing unnecessary risk to other drivers on the road, it can help prove that he or she meant no harm and is truly sorry for any trouble he or she may have caused.