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Domestic violence defense attorneys can help those accused

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Domestic Violence Charges |

Domestic violence is a growing concern in Georgia and across the country. Communities are often shocked when one of their neighbors claims to be the victim of a violent crime. Though domestic violence can affect people of any demographic, sometimes such accusations turn out to be false or exaggerated. Those accused have every right to enlist the aid of domestic violence defense attorneys.

Law enforcement takes reports of domestic violence very seriously. Recently, a woman, reportedly unharmed, ran to a neighbor’s house to call 911. She claimed that she had been arguing with a man in her home, and that he had fired a weapon during the situation. 

Police responded with a SWAT team, firing tear gas into the home. The accused man willfully surrendered by coming out the front door, hands raised to show he was not resisting. Though no injuries were reported and police did not say that they found any evidence of a firearm or evidence one had been fired in the home, he was arrested and charged. 

In Georgia, domestic violence defense attorneys can help those individuals who are accused of this form of abuse. An attorney can assess the charges and help prepare a meaningful defense to present in court. Many of these cases are primarily based upon the word of one person. While domestic violence is never excusable, the burden in court is on the prosecution to actually prove each element of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt. Failing that, no conviction can occur.