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R&B artist gears up for domestic violence defense

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Domestic Violence Charges |

Georgia residents may be familiar with the R&B artist R. Kelly. The musician rose to fame after decades of successful albums, even providing songs for several feature films. No stranger to the limelight, R. Kelly is surely used to being the subject of controversy. Unfortunately, he now finds himself in a position where he must present a domestic violence defense. 

Recently, a documentary featuring the artist aired on television. Throughout the documentary, accusations were made that he abuses the women who often reside in his homes. Families of the alleged victims tearfully accused Kelly of “brainwashing” the ladies so they would not attempt to leave a supposedly abusive environment. 

While this may sound and appear to be a tragedy, and a very serious crime, even investigators from the police department must admit that the documentary seems to be for some sort of entertainment, and that no actual evidence to sustain the allegations has been discovered. Even the district attorney’s office declined to comment. At current time, it seems the documentary is merely ruining the man’s reputation, though investigators say they are looking into the claims to ensure no victims are really in danger. 

When a Georgia resident is accused of committing a domestic violence crime, he or she may fear that his or her case will not get a fair shake. Many people accused do well to bring an experienced attorney on board. Domestic violence defense attorneys can help clients make sure that a court only considers any actual evidence, and help maintain a client’s innocence throughout the legal process. Without any actual evidence to substantiate claims of abuse, many defendants can get through the drama and rumors, and receive a favorable outcome in a court of law.