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Legal defense against felony charges may reveal new details

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Felonies |

Being charged with a felony in the state of Georgia can certainly be stressful. When a person is accused of a serious crime, he or she may feel overwhelmed when facing an uncertain legal future. In many cases, the key to success for an individual accused may be the presentation of a legal defense against felony charges

Recently, a Georgia man found himself facing serious charges, but the details of the case remain largely unclear. His troubles began when local authorities investigated several brush fires that did not cause any damage to persons or property, but apparently had the potential to do so if not extinguished. Investigators brought hounds to sniff boot prints found at the scene of two fires, and the dogs sniffed their way to the suspect’s residence. 

He was charged with felonies, including arson. Police have not indicated that they have proof that the fires were intended to harm people or destroy property, but they determined that the brush fires could be legally considered arson, a serious criminal offense. The man accused has not yet addressed the allegations publicly. 

When a Georgia resident is facing criminal charges, he or she is assured the opportunity to present a legal defense against felony charges in a court of law. This presentation, often bolstered with the help of an experienced attorney, can ensure that the burden of proof is placed upon the prosecution, and a person accused of a crime is innocent unless proved otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. Being accused of a crime is not an indication of guilt, and each person should exercise his or her right to an honest defense when the time comes to face the judge.