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Television personality involved in domestic violence report

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Domestic Violence Charges |

Georgia residents might be familiar with “Mama June” Shannon, who rose to reality tv fame alongside her daughter Alana, child pageant star. Though Alana is long past the toddler beauty pageant phase, fans were able to follow the family on several spinoff shows, centered around the fun-loving brood, with matriarch Shannon at the helm. Recently, Shannon and her boyfriend found themselves facing serious charges after a report regarding domestic violence brought police to the family home. 

The trouble began when an unknown party reported that Shannon’s boyfriend had allegedly committed an act of domestic violence. When police made contact with the couple at Shannon’s residence, both she and her boyfriend were arrested on drug charges. This came as a shock to fans and producers alike, as a third season of Shannon’s show was being filmed, and by all accounts, the couple was headed toward marital bliss. 

Fortunately for Shannon and her boyfriend, the network that airs the show has decided to wait and see what happens in court before making a decision regarding the possible cancellation of the show. Certainly, being accused of domestic violence is a situation many everyday people can relate to, and each person accused has the right to present a legal defense. Georgia residents facing similar charges should know that help is available. 

Persons accused of domestic violence may fear that being charged with such a crime can ruin one’s reputation. Fortunately, an accusation is a far cry from a guilty verdict, and prosecutors must provide undeniable proof that a crime has been committed. Often, a person accused may do well to bring an experienced attorney on board. An attorney can help a client work through the emotional process of being accused, and help present a legal defense against domestic violence charges.