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Mom offers relatable traffic ticket defense

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Traffic Tickets |

Gwinnett County, Georgia, parents know all too well that, when a small voice in the back seat says, “I gotta go!,” you’ve gotta go. Potty training a young child can be a stressful milestone, and an “accident” while parent and child are out and about can throw off the whole day. Recently, one mother did her best to avoid having a discouraged, soggy child but wound up with a pretty solid traffic ticket defense

The young mother, pregnant with a second child, was driving along when she heard her young son declare the need for an immediate potty break. The pleas from the back seat grew more desperate as the child struggled to avoid an accident. The mother pulled into a gas station with a public restroom, but the pair never made it inside. 

Not wanting her son, who had tried so hard to wait, to wind up wet and discouraged, the quick thinking mom tried to shield the toddler from view and let him relieve himself in the parking lot. Unfortunately, an officer had seen the vehicle make a quick stop and went to investigate. He observed the makeshift potty break and decided to give the mother a traffic ticket for disorderly conduct because, as the ticket stated, bathrooms were located inside the store. The mother explained that the boy simply could not make it, but she was cited anyway. 

Traffic tickets can be issued for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes, a Gwinnett County, Georgia, resident may feel a ticket is downright unfair. In such cases, a driver can contact an experienced attorney and present a traffic ticket defense in court. The officer must present his or her case to the judge, and in many cases, a judge may be understanding of a reasonable defense, resulting in a favorable outcome for the driver in question.