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NFL owner under fire amid domestic violence defense for player

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Domestic Violence Charges |

The state of Georgia, along with the rest of the nation, takes a hard stance against violent crimes. Domestic violence is an ongoing problem in the United States, and many victims need resources and assistance. However, sometimes the reaction of law enforcement, friends and family, or an employer, can be a bit overzealous toward the person accused of abuse. Recently, the owner of an NFL team has been criticized for doing the opposite. 

The man that owns the Chiefs franchise has been called to task for mishandling situations in which players on his team have been accused of domestic violence. In situations where a person with some level of fame or celebrity, such as a professional sports player, has been accused of domestic violence, the public outcry often begins before the facts of the case are known. If people believe a false allegation, the accused may suffer personal or professional repercussions unfairly. 

The Chiefs apparently shares this line of thinking. While he certainly does not support persons who commit violent crimes, he also wants to make sure that a player is not misjudged or fired until the facts of a case are known and proof of wrongdoing has been established. He assures the public that in these situations, he will not hesitate to do the right thing, but also wants to treat players and staff fairly, and keep an open mind in the absence of proof. 

When a Georgia resident must present a domestic violence defense, he or she should he aware that an accusation is not evidence of guilt — it’s simply a formal charge. The prosecution must provide evidence that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In such situations, a person accused may want to bring an experienced attorney on board. An attorney can help a client ensure that his or her rights are protected throughout the legal process, and stand by his or her side in court in pursuit of the best possible outcome.