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Will you need a drunk driving legal defense attorney?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Drunk Driving Charges |

The state of Georgia takes driving safety seriously. When law enforcement officers suspect a driver may be a danger, they do not hesitate to attempt a traffic stop. While certainly, police intervention can help prevent accidents and injuries, a hasty response on the part of the police may result in an innocent driver being accused, rendering the need for a drunk driving legal defense attorney

A recent case involves a man who was driving through Georgia at night. The vehicle allegedly had a light that had malfunctioned, attracting the attention of a local police patrol unit. The police stated that they felt the driver was maneuvering in an “erratic” way, but they did not cite any specific behaviors that might justify the use of the word. 

The driver did not immediately pull over, and police gave chase. When the driver stopped, police searched the vehicle and reported the presence of illegal substances. It was not made clear if the driver performed a field sobriety or blood test to prove that he had actually been driving under the influence of anything, but he was charged with several crimes, including DUI. 

When a person driving in Georgia is accused of DUI, he or she may have a moment of panic. It can be intimidating to think about facing charges in a court of law. A drunk driving legal defense attorney can step in and render assistance to a person accused, helping to ensure that a person’s rights are protected during the legal process, and place the burden of proof squarely upon the prosecution.