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Will you need domestic violence defense attorneys to keep guns?

| Jun 27, 2019 | Domestic Violence Charges |

Georgia residents may be among the millions of Americans who own firearms. Many people may not be aware that being convicted of certain crimes can result in the loss of a person’s right to own and possess firearms and some other weapons. Domestic Violence is one of these crimes, and if a person is facing domestic violence charges, he or she may want to consider seeking aid from domestic violence defense attorneys

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has a new director. He feels that Georgia is not enforcing the federal laws that prohibit violent offenders from owning or possessing dangerous weapons. He wants to present new ideas to take guns out of the hands of persons convicted of domestic violence. 

Many people in Georgia enjoy recreational activities, such as hunting or target shooting. Others wish to maintain the Constitutional right to bear arms provided under the second amendment. A domestic violence conviction can jeopardize a person’s future right to own, possess or use firearms. It should be noted that federal law already provided similar prohibitions for violent offenders. 

If a Georgia resident is facing charges of domestic violence, he or she may feel stressed about the upcoming legal process. In many cases, experienced domestic violence defense attorneys can be of great assistance. A knowledgeable attorney can help a client remember that an accusation is not an indication of guilt, and the burden of proof must fall upon the prosecution. Presenting a solid legal defense against such charges can help a person protect his or her rights, and aim for a favorable verdict on a court of law.