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Cops get sneaky. Do you need a traffic ticket defense law firm?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Traffic Tickets |

Drivers dread the moment a police car pulls up behind their vehicle and flips on the lights and siren. Being stopped for a traffic offense can make for a long day. It has recently been revealed that Georgia police are going undercover to issue more citations, leaving drivers to mull the idea of contacting a traffic ticket defense law firm

Last year, the state of Georgia passed a law prohibiting drivers from using smartphones and other devices behind the wheel. Known as distracted driving, this offense has resulted in thousands of tickets since the inception of the law. Now, it has become evident that police are stepping up their game, resorting to a sneaky tactic to catch people suspected of distracted driving. 

Georgia police have taken to posing as construction workers to issue traffic tickets.  Being on foot near traffic gives the officers a better view of people and actions in passing vehicles. One man even told an officer he wasn’t buying the cover story because the officer faltered when the man questioned him about what exactly the construction crew was working on. 

When a driver gets a traffic ticket, he or she might be tempted to just plead guilty, pay the fine and be done with the matter. This is not advisable because a person may wind up with unnecessary fines and marks on his or her driving record for no reason. Drivers might want to consider contacting a traffic ticket defense law firm. An experienced attorney can attend court alongside a client and make the police prove that a motorist actually broke the law. If the prosecution cannot provide solid evidence, a ticket can be tossed out, and a person can drive away free and clear.