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Assistant police chief in Georgia charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Drunk Driving Charges |

An assistant police chief in Clarkston has reportedly submitted his resignation as of Sept. 4 following his arrest for DUI, according to local sources. The Georgia officer was arrested for suspected drunk driving in Henry County on Aug. 30. No court date has been announced, but when he faces his charges, he will be represented by a defense attorney in court. 

According to the report communicated by local news, the 11-year veteran of the local police force was pulled over for an illegal right turn at a red light. The responding officer on the scene said the man appeared intoxicated due to bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. The officer also said he could smell what seemed to be alcohol emanating from the car. 

It is unclear from the report whether a roadside sobriety or breath test was performed at this time, but it has been confirmed he was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving at the scene. An internal affairs investigation was set to begin on Sept. 5. The assistant chief tendered his resignation the day before, and not spoken with the media since. 

A DUI charge for a police officer of this man’s rank and stature could spell the end for his proud decade-long career in law enforcement. This is why Georgia prosecutors are tasked with proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the man was drunk at the time he was pulled over. His defense attorney will review all the facts of the case, including any evidence presented by the prosecution in advance of the trial date, in order to build a compelling case in his defense in an attempt to save his career.