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My driver’s license has been suspended due to DUI. Now what?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Drunk Driving Charges |

In addition to fines and possible jail time, one of the consequences of getting a DUI in Georgia is having your driver’s licenses suspended. Even if it is your first time getting a DUI, your drivers license will still be suspended for one year. However, once 120 days of the suspension have passed, it may be possible for you to have your license reinstated.

To have your license reinstated, it must have been suspended for at least 120 days. You’ll also have to obtain a Certificate of Completion of a Department of Driver Services approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program. Finally, you must pay any applicable fees.

Even if your license is not reinstated, it may be possible to pursue a limited permit to drive while your normal driving privileges are suspended. Depending on the circumstances, if you meet the qualifications for a limited permit, you may be able to drive to:

  • Work
  • Medical appointments or to pick up prescriptions
  • School if you are a student
  • Meetings for the treatment of alcohol use disorder
  • Driver’s education programs or alcohol treatment programs
  • Court or community service
  • Take unlicensed immediate relatives to medical appointments, work or school; and
  • Any actives ordered by an accountability court judge

Being unable to drive can significantly impact your life in a negative fashion. Being unable to get to work, run errands, go to appointments and perform other daily tasks can lead to many difficulties and could even put your job and other responsibilities in jeopardy. Thus, it is important that those facing DUI charges understand the rules regarding license suspension, and what opportunities they have — if any — to drive if they are convicted.