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Establishing parental rights

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Divorce |

Many children are born each year in the Gwinnett County area to parents who are not married. When children are born in Georgia to unmarried parents the father does not have any legal rights. The father can gain rights to visitation and custody through a process called parental legitimization.

If a father would like to establish a legal relationship with their child then they need to file with the court a Legitimization action. The process of legitimization is the first step in order for a father to gain legal rights. The court will then hear from both parents to determine if legitimization is appropriate for the father. The court may determine if the father is a fit parent and whether legitimization is in the best interests of the child. Once a father is determined to be a legitimate parent, he can then petition the court for custody and visitation rights.

Fathers in Gwinnett County may have many questions regarding establishing custody and visitation rights for their child. Being a father is an important role and making sure father’s rights are honored is something that is important to an attorney who specializes in child custody & support. An attorney can help their client by answering their questions and walking them through the process of establishing parental legitimatization. There are many nuances in Georgia regarding establishing paternity and having legal rights as a father which is why turning to an experienced attorney can be a good idea.

Fathers in Georgia who are not married are not granted rights automatically. It is important for father’s to understand their legal rights regarding parenthood and work with an attorney to make sure their rights are protected.