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GBI on gangs and drug trafficking in Georgia

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Drug Charges |

A massive drug bust out of Pickens County back in June 2020 brought to light the sheer magnitude of the gang and drug trafficking problem in the state of Georgia. That investigation took place over the span of 10 months, and culminated in the arrest of 50 people and the seizure of just under 140 kilos of methamphetamine valued at around 1.74 million.  Also seized were multiple firearms and large sums of cash.

The three gangs primarily involved in this arrest were the Ghostface Gangsters, the Gangster Disciples, and the Sureños Mexican Gang.  Working together, these and other gangs coordinate drug shipments from Mexico and disburse across three states.  However, much of it remains in the Atlanta area. The GBI estimates that at any given time there are 70,000 active gang members in the state of Georgia, with 50,000 of them within the Atlanta metro area.  Drug profits are big business for gangs, and continue to make the drug trade grow.

Drug trafficking in Georgia is certainly a standalone crime, although it is quite often accompanied by multiple other charges.  Where gang activity is also involved, additional charges commonly include violent crimes such as murder, assault, or sexual crimes.  Possession of controlled substances or paraphernalia are almost always charged as well.  One, or any combination of these serious crimes can lead to substantial prison time and fines.

Anyone who is charged with a drug crime, no matter how small, should waste no time contacting an experienced attorney.  Attempting to navigate the court system and self-represent can lead to a sentencing that could possibly have been reduced or not imposed at all.