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Labor Day blitz of DUI and traffic offenses cited in Georgia

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Georgia law enforcement is vigilant about trying to catch drivers who may be under the influence and are committing traffic violations year-round. However, there are certain times when more vehicles are on the road and there is a law enforcement blitz to catch drivers who might be committing DUI, speeding, driving while distracted, fail to wear a seatbelt and more. While these acts are dangerous, that does not mean that every citation is valid. Those who are arrested for DUI or are ticketed for other reasons should be aware of the value of a strong defense.

Major spike in DUI arrests and other citations over Labor Day

Along with a worrisome number of fatal accidents over Labor Day, law enforcement had a major increase in DUI arrests when compared to 2019. There were 27% more arrests in 2020 than the previous year with a total of 309. In 2019, there were 244. Also, 8,854 citations were given and 10,112 warnings for violations were made. The reasons for the citations broke down as follows: 1,077 were not wearing seatbelts; 169 did not have a child properly restrained in the vehicle; 4,601 were ticketed for speeding; and 541 were driving while distracted.

Avoiding DUI penalties and the consequences of traffic citations

Being arrested for DUI can cause great worry due to the litany of potential penalties. A person can lose his or her driving privileges with a driver’s license suspension, be incarcerated, face hefty fines and deal with the aftermath of a conviction in personal and professional ways. There are strategies to fight these charges including questioning the evidence if, for example, the testing procedures were not done according to protocol or if the stop was not legally justified. The driver might not even have been under the influence at the time and could be acquitted.

With citations, there are useful ways to dispute the charges. Since speeding can result in points on the driver’s license, raised insurance rates and other problems, it is wise to try and have the ticket dismissed. The same holds true for distracted driving. Although it is concerning when arrested for DUI or cited for a traffic violation, a legal professional might find an effective strategy to achieve a positive result. Calling for a consultation with those experienced in DUI and traffic offenses may help.