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What to know about out-of-state tickets

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Traffic Tickets |

Many people think they can ignore an out-of-state traffic ticket. However, 45 states since the 1960s have formed the Driver’s License Compact, which gives them authority to share driver data with one another. If a driver in Georgia pays the ticket, they have admitted guilt. There are a few things that may happen following an out-of-state ticket.

Points system

Most states use a point system for traffic violations except for Hawaii, Minnesota, Kansas and Mississippi. The states that do not use a points system can add points to a license for an out-of-state violation from states under the Driver’s License Compact. If the driver got the ticket in a state with a points system, points will most likely be added to the license.

In some cases, the driver may not get points added in the state they committed the violation and their home state. If a driver lives in New York and gets a ticket in California, for example, they’d only get points in California.

Higher insurance rates and hidden costs

Drivers should expect their insurance premiums to increase after a traffic ticket. The insurance agency will likely learn of the violation even if it doesn’t find out immediately.

A standard speeding ticket costs $150, but other fees may apply based on state laws. Some states have a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment, such as New York and New Jersey, and require drivers to pay a surcharge on moving violations. The DRA sets the base penalty at six points or more plus an extra $25 for each point over the base, which also applies to out-of-state tickets.

Drivers who get a ticket for non-moving violations or violations that don’t break criminal law may be better off paying the ticket. The fines are commonly lower for non-moving violations, and points seldom get added. However, if the ticket will add points or the driver got a DUI, they may want to find a lawyer to help fight it.