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What is “nesting” and how can it help make co-parenting easier?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce with children involved is difficult enough on its own. However, the aftermath can often be just as difficult. It is highly likely that you will share joint custody of any children with your ex-spouse. Figuring out your family’s living situation can be very challenging.

Moving children between two separate households is not the optimal solution for all families. For this reason, some divorced families are turning to a new living arrangement: nesting.

What is nesting?

Nesting turns the traditional joint parenting arrangement on its head. Instead of the children moving between two separate houses, the children stay in one house and the parents do the rotating. This mimics the movement of parent birds caring for babies to stay in a single nest, hence the moniker.

Nesting can be temporary, or it can last for several years, depending on your needs.

How is this beneficial?

Particularly if you have older children, nesting may be the best way to keep the peace. Many older children resent moving back and forth between parental residences as part of a joint parenting plan. It also may be the only reasonable solution for families who have children with special needs. If your child requires specific medical equipment or medicines, the risk of leaving something behind at the other parent’s house can be too great.

It can also help families who live in high cost of living situations. If you will not be able to financially maintain a household in your current neighborhood as a single income entity after divorce, nesting may be the only way to keep your children in the same school district.