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What importance does a child custody evaluation hold?

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Dealing with matters of child custody may not only impact your child’s mental health and well-being, but it can also potentially alter your relationship with them. The negotiation of resolutions regarding custody disputes is one of the things you should thus prioritize.

If you cannot come to a resolution on your own though, the matter goes to a judge who will then make a decision. They consider a number of factors, including what arrangement will support the child’s best interest.

What is a custody evaluation?

Cornell Law School examines child custody evaluations. Most parents will understandably find a court-based decision a nerve-wracking thing to experience, as the court bases their decisions on the evidence provided to it. It is difficult to predict how the decision will pan out.

Despite that, it may set some of your anxieties at ease to know the courts will actively seek out information that can help them make this call. This is where a child custody evaluation will come into play. It provides supplementary information outside of what both parties provide on their own.

How does it happen?

In this, a psychologist must assess your family and then make recommendations based on their findings. This can include various assessments on both parents and the child and can include everything from medical records to school history. Teachers, caregivers and other individuals close to the family may undergo interviews as well.

A judge will often put weight into this evaluation because it comes from a neutral third party. However, if you disagree with the results, you can still fight back. Consider seeking legal help to explore these avenues.