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Requesting a child support order review

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you owe child support, you need to understand your options, especially if you worry about falling behind or have already missed payments. Some parents can modify their child’s support order and reduce the amount of support they owe. However, there are several factors you need to realize if you plan on taking this approach.

By successfully modifying your child support order, you can secure an arrangement that is more compatible with your current financial circumstances.

When can you request a child support order review?

Georgia’s Division of Child Support Services states that parents can request a child support order review in several circumstances. For example, if your financial situation has changed significantly, you could have the ability to change the amount of support you owe. It is important to note that parties who request a review will have to pay a $100 fee unless their income does not exceed $1,000 each month or they receive Medicaid or TANF benefits.

How long is the child support review process?

The process of reviewing a child support order can take as long as six months. Sometimes, the process becomes delayed when the case involves another state, such as a parent who lives outside of Georgia or when addressing an order entered out of state. The state does not handle visitation or child custody matters when reviewing child support orders, and they do not modify back child support.

Modifying your child support order could decrease the chances of you becoming delinquent, which could lead to harsh penalties such as passport revocation, wage garnishment and even time behind bars.