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Drug charges: Know your rights regarding home searches

If police knock on a Georgia resident's door at home, does he or she have to let them in? The question is perhaps more complex than one might realize because the answer depends on numerous factors. Learning as much as possible about search and seizure rights can be helpful if a police search leads to drug charges.

Drug charges escalate to murder accusation

Like much of the nation, Georgia is embroiled in a drug crisis. As the numbers of overdose deaths continue to rise, law enforcement is attempting to tighten the noose on the individuals they suspect are selling the dangerous drugs. Recently, a man accused of selling heroin is facing not only drug charges, but murder. 

Suspects blasted on social media may face drug charges

Many Georgia residents use some form of social media. What began as a way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones has evolved into a platform for up-to-the-minute news. Many law enforcement entities have their own social media pages, but some of the posts may hurt innocent people. Recently, people arrested for various drug charges are likely in the midst of preparing to defend against the formal accusations.

Addiction a sad element in many cases involving drug charges

Georgia is on the front lines of a nationwide drug addiction epidemic. Many people have friends or family members that have struggled with addiction. While the medical field now considers drug addiction a disease that requires treatment, the possession, use and/or sale of drugs is still a crime. Being accused of any of these actions usually creates the need for a criminal defense, particularly since convictions for drug charges can result in serious legal consequences. 

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